Knowing The Motoring Laws of Where You Drive

For many people the planning of a holiday and getting ready for the holiday, the packing, what to take, buying new clothes, beach stuff, are all part of the fun of going on holiday.

Knowing The Motoring Laws of Where You Drive

Then you get to the airport, have a drink in the lounge and wait for your flight.

There are some of us that like to drive to our holiday destinations, drive south and take the ferry over to the continent and that way we have transportation with us should we wish to explore.

Others will hire a car while on holiday, if they feel the exploration bug. You can use taxis, but this can get expensive.

Either way, more so if you take your own vehicle, you need to know the motoring laws of the country or countries you will be driving in and through.

If you are hiring a car, it is hoped that the car hire service will be aware of any motoring laws and either make you aware, or provide any tools or items a driver there may be required to have when they drive.

But one cannot make this assumption, so it is best if you know what may be required prior to your holiday.

You may ask yourself, what motoring laws and rules could there be abroad that are so different than ours here in the UK??

You’d be surprised.

Highway Codes can be and are different for different countries, and some countries require drivers to have certain items in their vehicles when driving:

* First Aid Kit: Much of Europe requires this.

* Breathalyser: France

* Length of Rope: Serbia

* Spare Pair of Glasses: Spain

* Fire Extinguisher: Greece

While a couple of these things may make common sense, and many carry a spare pair of glasses with them, who would think to carry a piece of rope, or a breathalyser.

You can even purchase driving kits for when you travel abroad and may be driving. Various shops sell these kits for up to £20, but you need to know what items are required for the country or countries you plan to visit as not all kits carry the required items.

Drivers abroad also need to inquire with their car insurer as to the coverage they have in the countries they will be driving. Not all insurers cover drivers abroad, and if they do, it may not be the same level of protection.

Just a few more things to pack and/or research prior to going on holiday.

Knowing The Motoring Laws of Where You Drive

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