Changes in How We Handle Funerals and Not Having a Funeral

Nothing in life is free, and neither is death. Death is not cheap.

If you have had to price a funeral lately, or are pre-planning your own funeral, you will find out just how not cheap funerals can be.

The average cost of a funeral now in the UK is almost £4,000, and that is not for a fancy funeral with all the bells and whistles. Not that you would know if all that was there.

This expense can be and is a financial burden on some families, whose deceased family member may not have planned for their funeral, or had life insurance in place to cover the expense.

Changes in How We Handle Funerals and Not Having a Funeral

By not pre-planning and paying for their funeral, or having insurance in place, you could be leaving your family with a sizeable bill, or even debt, in order to bury you and see to your last wishes.

Many people and families are looking towards direct cremation as not just away to save money on a funeral, but also to save the family the “fuss” and having to deal with a funeral. To let them get on a grieve in their own way.

When a person dies, the body is taken from the place of death, cremated and the ashes then given to the family.

Changes in How We Handle Funerals and Not Having a Funeral

It is a cheaper way to deal with the loss, but more so a way for the family to handle things in their own manner. Many celebrities have this form of “funeral” to avoid any public memorial or public display of their death.

Currently this form of handling someone’s death is only being used in about 5% of all cremations, but its popularity is rising.

C0-Founder and Director of Pure Cremation, Catherine Powell has said, “We have really picked up on the fact that this could prove to be a very significant niche.”

In our first month as a dedicated company we did 18 direct cremation. Now we will probably serve more than 1,200families this year.”

Many families may not be aware of this option for cremations even exists. As more people find out about it, they will use it more.

Families may also explore this option as funeral costs continue to increase. The funeral industry is basically unregulated, so while prices of a funeral may represent the costs to the funeral company, they can also charge what they wish, or what the competition will allow.

Changes in How We Handle Funerals and Not Having a Funeral

The Chief executive of Dignity, Mike McCollum said, “The funeral sector is unregulated, so it is very easy to set up a new business.”

We have seen, over many years, the number of funeral directors continue to rise, with more vigorous competition in the sector. It is a very fragmented market, and is fragmenting the whole time.”

While it is difficult to put a price tag on someone’s death and funeral, the funeral industry is trying to do just that. Even with using pre-paid funerals, there can be additional costs not covered by the pre-planning, which then adds a financial burden to the family.

A burden not needed at such a mournful time.

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